Yellow – Red (Berlin)

since April 2020 (Image above: February 2023)

The cat‘s eyes (Katzenaugen, german name for the reflectors) from bicycles, splinters from car back lights and other pieces made out of this material with yellow and red colors, caught my eye more in Berlin than in the previous places of residence. On the way I find these relicts of accidents or material fatigue, indications of infrastructural wear and tear, left behind, neglected sediments of the traffic flow through the city. They result in a cadmium, amber and orange yellow to high red, calypso, vermilion, china, scarlet and vermillon. I‘m still searching all of Berlin, like a subotnik, systematically street by street, path by path, place by place, which than will be blacked out on my city map till this map is completely blackened. There is still no target for the colors. The urban space, my movement and attention in it, time and material, what falls for me in the meantime, determine the dimension of the color painting later.

Instagram: Andreas von Ow (@von_ow__yellow_red)

City map in June 2021

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